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The Intersection of Business and Technology is often found on a road map that takes organizations from here to there. Once in a while an intersection will slow you down. More often than not, the intersection will take an organization where it wants to go. In the BSoft Blog, we will look at issues, opportunities and solutions: sometimes from a business perspective and sometimes from a technical perspective. But always with a focus on using technology to accomplish business goals.

  • Why Let Your Customers Use Third Party Consumables With Your Equipment

    by Don Hammer | Aug 08, 2014
    Printer companies do not sell printers, they sell their customers devices that consume ink. The margins are in the ink, not the printer. The same logic holds true for equipment manufactures whose equipment consumes any type of supply. The question becomes, how do I ensure my equipment customers use my consumables?

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  • Big Data - Pervasive Data

    by Don Hammer | Jun 20, 2014
    For the past decade we have all heard about Big Data. However, even the concept of Big Data is changing. Big Data had to do with the amount of data available for analysis; the number of discrete transactions, the number of customers, or the number of SKUs. In Manufacturing, data from the plant floor adds to the deluge of data.

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  • Connected Strategies

    by Don Hammer | Nov 18, 2013
    How often do production line disruptions interrupt the flow of product out of your facility? Even a minor disruption can take minutes and even hours to recover from. Lost productivity caused by a production line disruption always leads to lost revenue.

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  • Production Line Management

    by Don Hammer | Oct 07, 2013
    Whether your production line is fully automated or there are several manual steps involved, being able to “see” the status of each component of the production line is critically important...

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  • Production Line Visualization and Management

    by Don Hammer | Oct 07, 2013
    Production Line Visibility and Management (PLVM)™ is a discipline that integrates multiple Human Machine Interface Platforms (HMIPs) across an individual production line or across multiple manufacturing facilities...

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