Business Transformation Through Custom Application Development
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Business Transformation Through Custom Application Development

by Sam Salbi | Dec 17, 2014

As your business grows, it usually results in increasing complexity of the various business processes. The good news is that technology, and in particular IT, can help simplify and automate these processes partially/fully.

Software has proven its value in making businesses more efficient and increasing employees’ productivity, from back-end operations such as data entry and record keeping to real-time systems e.g. manufacturing and airport traffic control.

When it comes to the choice of what kind of software to go for, you usually will have two choices: off-the-shelf/packaged software or custom/bespoke software. The best choice comes down to your firm’s needs. There are times when it is best to go with off-the-shelf software applications and others when it is best to go with custom software development.

However, it’s not always guaranteed that you will have the choice of acquiring packaged software either at all or that actually serves your business’ needs. Examples of this will be when business processes may not exactly match with the packaged software in the market or when the business processes are too complex. Niche markets may also lack any packaged software solutions, necessitating the need for custom application development.

Custom software development offers several benefits over packaged software including:

Bespoke software is not only made specifically to address a given business’ needs, it is also easy to change as the requirements placed on the software do. This is in contrast to packaged software where you have to wait until the next version is released for new features which may or may not be the ones you require.

Custom software is made with the input of all stakeholders including management and employees and take into consideration existing workflows. This makes it easier for developers to create applications that are intuitive to users. Packaged software requires that users learn how to adapt their activities and themselves to the application. Custom software adapts the application to the users’ skills and activities.

Better support
Custom software will normally result in better support from the development team as they have less issues to deal with and more or less deal with the client directly.

Competitive advantage
Whereas packaged software is accessible to your competitors, bespoke software is designed for and owned by your business. This makes it both an intellectual asset of your business and gives you an advantage over your other competitors.

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