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The Intersection of Business and Technology is often found on a road map that takes organizations from here to there. Once in a while an intersection will slow you down. More often than not, the intersection will take an organization where it wants to go. In the BSoft Blog, we will look at issues, opportunities and solutions: sometimes from a business perspective and sometimes from a technical perspective. But always with a focus on using technology to accomplish business goals.

  • Connected Strategies to Lower Warranty Costs

    by Don Hammer | Jul 30, 2014
    Do you offer your customers a one, two or three year warranty on the equipment you sell? I met with a large equipment manufacturer who indicated they are losing more than a million dollars a year on maintaining their equipment under warranty

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  • Between the Spaces

    by Don Hammer | Jul 25, 2014
    Packaged application solutions have revolutionized business. They have taken the mundane transaction oriented tasks that used to be performed manually and systematized them into repeatable, quick and accurate computer-based processes. The 1980’s and 1990’s saw the advent of enterprise-level software solutions, custom built to address specific needs of business.

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  • Custom Software as a Service (CSaaS)

    by Don Hammer | Jun 23, 2014
    BSoft Solutions extends the business model of Software as a Service (SaaS) to Custom Software as a Service (CSaaS). When BSoft Solutions builds Business Software for our clients, we often offer the software with a CSaaS model.

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  • Big Data - Pervasive Data

    by Don Hammer | Jun 20, 2014
    For the past decade we have all heard about Big Data. However, even the concept of Big Data is changing. Big Data had to do with the amount of data available for analysis; the number of discrete transactions, the number of customers, or the number of SKUs. In Manufacturing, data from the plant floor adds to the deluge of data.

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  • Measuring the Effectiveness of Wellness Solutions

    by Don Hammer | Jun 06, 2014
    It is interesting to see the number of HR Directors focused on Wellness increase every year. A single national job search website shows 1,696 wellness positions available across the US. Yes, Wellness is becoming big business.

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  • Why Custom Application Development Makes Sense

    by Don Hammer | Mar 25, 2014
    As a custom software development firm we specialize in Mobile Application Development, Data Acquisition, Integration and Business Intelligence. Our four main competencies are in areas where packaged applications fall far short.

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