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The Intersection of Business and Technology is often found on a road map that takes organizations from here to there. Once in a while an intersection will slow you down. More often than not, the intersection will take an organization where it wants to go. In the BSoft Blog, we will look at issues, opportunities and solutions: sometimes from a business perspective and sometimes from a technical perspective. But always with a focus on using technology to accomplish business goals.

  • Factory Information Conundrum

    by Don Hammer | Mar 04, 2014
    Have you posed the following question: “What information do I really need from my factory floor”? Surprisingly, this is not a trivial question for three important reasons

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  • Four Questions to Ask Before You Engage an IT Partner

    by Don Hammer | Jan 15, 2014
    Whether you are a Business or IT Director, the decision to engage an IT partner to help you accomplish your goals can be difficult, risky and stressful. IT departments that are overwhelmed with the complexity and demands of modern IT environments and technologies often need to find a partner to help them meet the needs of their business users.

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  • Connected Strategies to Lower Service Costs

    by Don Hammer | Jan 13, 2014
    Do you service your equipment after it has been installed at your customer’s location? I met with a large equipment manufacturer who sends an engineer to customer sites around the world whenever their equipment has a problem in the field.

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  • How Dynamic Is Your Wellness Initiative?

    by Don Hammer | Dec 18, 2013
    As I speak with more and more Human Resource executives across the Midwest I see an interesting pattern. There are Wellness Initiatives at virtually all of these companies, but they are fairly static and one-dimensional

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  • Connected Strategies

    by Don Hammer | Nov 18, 2013
    How often do production line disruptions interrupt the flow of product out of your facility? Even a minor disruption can take minutes and even hours to recover from. Lost productivity caused by a production line disruption always leads to lost revenue.

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  • Production Line Management

    by Don Hammer | Oct 07, 2013
    Whether your production line is fully automated or there are several manual steps involved, being able to “see” the status of each component of the production line is critically important...

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