Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Why You Should Consider Business Intelligence

  • Data is central to your business.  The answers to the following questions may reside in many disparate systems within your organization: How many, how often, how long, how many errors, how much, etc.  A BI solution pulls the data together to quickly answer questions about the performance of your organization.
  • Compelling knowledge and competitive advantage is buried in the transactions within your organization.  Understanding how your business is changing over time, how your customers are changing over time and especially how your competitors change over time provides you with unique advantages that are only found in your data.
  • The amount of data that is now available to an organization is staggering and growing exponentially.  Having a repository for this “big data” is critically important to capture the insights and innovations that are buried in the data.
  • The discipline of Analytics is improving year over year and providing organizations with insights on how to deal with competitive and technological change in the world.  Business Intelligence solutions is a first step on the path to an Analytics solution that will guide your organization into the future.

Why Should You Consider BSoft Solutions?

  • We suggest new ways to visualize performance for greater insight.
  • We understand the latest technology and since we work with many businesses across many industries, we bring a larger frame of reference. 
  • BSoft will follow through on our recommendations and builds custom dashboards that integrate distinct operational sources and systems to provide actionable insights.
  • We provide comprehensive services. We start with your vision and industry best practices and then use a modular approach for BI design, development, testing, user acceptance, deployment, enhancements and support.  Then extend the BI design to accommodate new data sources. 
  • We Focus on Quality. Our approach applies the highest quality standards for everything from scope definition, documentation, design, build, test, deploy, train and support.  Applications that meet the highest quality standards are quicker to build and easier to maintain and extend.

How Can BSoft Help You?

  • Application modernization
  • Vision road map planning
  • Metric, KPI and Dashboard consulting and implementation
  • Custom BI development that can utilize data in legacy and package systems
  • BI management and operations
  • BI Application support and maintenance
  • System consulting

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We put the client's business interest first. We are an information technology consulting firm that delivers business value beyond what IT typically delivers. We partner with client management to achieve sustainable cost reductions, performance improvements and service innovations not previously considered possible.

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