Hosted Application Management
Application Management

Why You Should Consider Hosted Application Management

  • When you want assurance that your system is secure, highly available and state of the art.
  • When a one-size-fits-all solution does not fit you.
  • When your team needs a close working relationship with application and hosting experts who understand your business, without having to hire an entire IT department.
  • When your data is private and should only be accessible by your employees or customers.
  • When your company is subject to strict compliance standards like PCI or HIPAA.

Why Should You Consider BSoft Solutions?

  • We are your own Private Hosting Company.
  • We offer competitive monthly plans.
  • BSoft is your one-stop shop for all your IT needs – from design and build to deploy.
  • BSoft uses industry best practices for security, scalability, recovery and performance.
  • Out of the box HIPPA compliance

How Can BSoft Help You?

  • Hosting Strategy and Planning
  • Application remediation and enhancements for a hosted environment
  • Integrated Security to your governance model

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We put the client's business interest first. We are an information technology consulting firm that delivers business value beyond what IT typically delivers. We partner with client management to achieve sustainable cost reductions, performance improvements and service innovations not previously considered possible.

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