Remote Database Administration

Why You Should Consider Remote Database Administration (RDBA)

  • Ensuring your data environment is secure, high-performance, and scalable requires deep expertise in the latest technologies, architectures and versions of software. Obtaining these important skills and knowledge is difficult and sometimes expensive. A Remote DB Administration Service will provide the right expertise and the right time.
  • When new projects to build new functionality for your business need best of breed expertise during the planning, design, build and test phases of the project, a RDBA service will augment and support your team so the eventual solution will meet your organizations goals.
  • When your data team is stretched to the limit and they really need to focus more of their time on helping your organization support your growing business, an RDBA service will manage the day-to-day technical tasks that must be completed on time without errors.
  • When your customers and employees need your systems 24x7, an RDBA service will give you the peace of mind that your data is well managed.
  • Understanding and preparing for what will happen next is critically important.  The RDBA service will look at performance and growth trends, transactions and user trends on an on-going basis to help you prepare for the growth your business needs.
  • When there are issues within your data environment, an expert from the RDBA team can rapidly troubleshoot the issues and quickly implement strategies to overcome them.

Why Should You Consider BSoft Solutions?

  • BSoft is a Microsoft Gold Data Platform Partner and understands the importance of data to an organization.  Our RDBA team understands the Microsoft platform and managing high performance, highly available, secure environment for our clients. 
  • We are experts in the previous versions of SQL Server as well as the benefits and important enhancements for the latest releases. 
  • The BSoft RDBA team consists of experts that can support you as you plan for new versions, new application development and new architectures and devices.
  • We communicate clearly and provide robust tracking so you will always know the status of your environment and open issues.
  • Our Ticketing system is easy to use and real-time updates of status.

How Can BSoft Help You?

  • Three levels of RDBA support to meet your needs
  • Weekly meetings to plan the work to be completed that week
  • On-Call support
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Technology Strategy and Planning

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