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Why You Should Consider Connected Strategies

  • Unscheduled maintenance impacts today’s production, impacts your customers and impacts your bottom line. Keeping real-time track of equipment performance is key to reducing unscheduled maintenance.
  • Knowing the real time performance of your equipment during a production run can inform you if you will meet your goals. Waiting until the end of the shift to gather clip-boards from your operators simply does not meet today’s production demand.
  • Having insight to the deteriorating performance of a piece of equipment over time provides you with advance notice of potential issues that can be resolved when the impact on your overall production can be minimized.
  • When your Operations Manager is faced with disruptions that are not easily investigated, the history of production performance can provide the information and insights needed to focus quickly on the root cause of the disruption.
  • Understanding and preparing for what will happen next is critically important. Knowing the history and current operational performance of your plant floor helps you plan for the volume and output of the future.

Why Should You Consider BSoft Solutions?

  • BSoft understands and handles the complex challenges of modern data acquisition by identifying and working with best-of-breed providers of historians, HMIs and PLCs
  • BSoft has experience integrating a diverse blend of data acquisition devices into enterprise networks
  • We are a Microsoft Gold Data Platform Partner that can optimize hardware, software and network performance for real-time data acquisition, presentation and analysis.
  • BSoft has the expertise to deal with remote data acquisition across multiple facilities in different locations with different security policies.
  • BSoft understands that Modern facilities have a wealth of data available. This data is often buried in Historians and HMI’s that collect discrete data points. By extracting this data and making it available to the rest of the organization, new approaches to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve productivity become possible.
  • BSoft can provide you with a complete solution, everything you need to visualize, design, build, test, train, deploy and even host a solution that meets your unique plant floor and business needs

How Can BSoft Help You?

  • Data Acquisition road map planning
  • Application Development that will access that data available within your facility
  • Responsive Design to extend existing web presence to mobile devices – so you can view performance on a mobile device
  • Mobile device data acquisition from operators on your plant floor
  • Application support and maintenance
  • System consulting

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